Pond re-lining & Pond repairs

Pond Re-Lining & Pond Liner Repairs

A leaky pond looks unsightly and constantly topping up the water level on your pond can have a negative effect on the pond ecosystem and fish health. Water bills are also a consideration as constantly topping your pond will also have an effect on your water costs.

This article has been written to help you decide if your pond liner needs to be replaced or repaired. I have also listed at the end of this article 3 techniques you can use to repair your liner. They use products commonly available from your local pond supplier.

Who are we and why should you should you listen to our advice?

Water Scenes specialise in pond and lake re-lining. Our pond re-lining service also gives you the opportunity to improve and change aspects of the design to better suit your requirements. If you feel your liner has come to the end of its life and would like to contact us call 0800 0232 988 or email us at our contact page.

Firestone installer badge

Water Scenes have over 15 years experience specialising in ponds and water features.
We are trained by Firestone at their headquarters to competently,
weld liners.
large lakes.
Box-welding liner techniques for koi ponds and formal ponds.

We also offer liner weld repairs and pond restoration if your liner can be saved.

Watch this video to see how we do it professionally.

Pond liners are undoubtedly the most cost effective way to line a fish pond or water feature. Although most modern pond liners now come with a lifetime guarantee it usually only covers the liner for UV damage or failure in the factory sealed seaming process. Fish pond liners are manufactured with a width of about 2m. The two meter lengths are then seemed together at the factory to produce the various sizes we all buy in liner packs or off the liner roll stand.

An occasional problem for pond liners that is not covered under the guarantee is that it is possible to pierce or puncture them. This could be accidental or caused by the dreaded heron, and on occasion pierced by a root. I personally have only ever seen bamboo roots pierce a decent liner so beware. A plant or tree root can grow though a liner but in my experience there has to be a hole in the liner first.

If you think the heron has caused a hole there is a simple way to know. When you find the hole check to see if it is an upside down v shape. Herons beaks are v shaped at the end and when they attack your fish they often leave you with a leaky pond, so if you do find this to be the case you may need to think about protecting your pond.

Heron caused this pond liner hole.

As I mentioned lining a pond is the cheapest way to create a pond so please do not let the above put you off considering one. The benefits far outweigh the negatives.

I have known a lot off people that think if their pond liner leaks it needs to be replaced. There are times when a liner will need to be replaced for instance, it has a large tear, is peppered with holes or is old and brittle.

If you are a landscaper or homeowner with a liner repair to do here’s three ways we recommend you do it using products you can buy from most pond shops.

Please note these tips are here to help, their success will be down to your level of skill etc.

I have given each method marks out 6 to reflect how easy and reliable each technique is in my opinion

Liner Repair Techniques.

Splice adhesive, liner tape and liner off cut. Score 5 out of 6
This is by far the most effective way. Once you find the hole clean the area around the hole, coat the affected area with a small amount off slice adhesive and leave to go tacky. Cut your tape to adequately cover the hole and lay on the tacky adhesive. Then add more adhesive to the top of the tape, leave to go tacky. Cut your liner to size and lay over the repair. This strengthens the repair and protects it.

Pond liner repair kits

Mastic tape. Score 2 out of 6
This is sold by most shops. It is a black sticky tape and has been used to repair liners for years. To work the affected area must be clean and bone dry before attaching the tape. In my experience this is not a full proof method. It may work to start but can come away in the long term.

Mastic tape

Silicone like products. Score 4 out of 6
There are a lot of different types off this product. Always make sure what ever you are using is fish safe. Failure to do this could cause fish loss. Some of these products claim to work underwater but I would not recommend you do this. Add your sealant to the liner surface once you have cleaned and made it bone dry. Cut your liner to shape and then roll it over the surface and leave to dry in the air for 12 to 24 hours for maximum effect.

Gold label sealant glue

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