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The art of
water features

WATER SCENES was built on creativity and enthusiasm. We design/install bespoke water features and use a dynamic range of skills well suited to the technical difficulties involved in designing today’s modern and contemporary water feature.

Individually designed custom water features can be as small or as large as you like. Their endless style possibilities make them a very versatile feature for a landscape or garden design. Water features are enjoyed by all ages and walks of life and in our opinion greatly improve any environment where they are present. See our GALLERY for examples of our work.

Incorporating the construction element into the design building stage can be quite difficult often needing skills, equipment and techniques that are not commonly used or available to general builders or landscape gardeners.

We have been constructing and designing a wide spectrum of features, pools and water gardens. Focusing our attention on being a water feature specialist has allowed us to build up a wide range of available equipment specifically suited to your individual project and would be otherwise unavailable.

Large rock boulder water feature in Kent.

Custom water features.

There are several requirements for a bespoke water feature to work efficiently on a permanent basis. To ensure that it does not fall into disrepair, these requirements must be followed and balanced with the overall required effect. Involvement from our water feature designer in the earliest stage possible will make sure your project runs smoothly.

Our water feature projects or installations are wide ranging in size and can have equal effect in a small courtyard garden or a large commercial/communal landscape. We have been designing and constructing ponds/pools, rills, waterfalls, infinity pools, water walls, fountain water features and much more for over 15 years.

We listen to our clients and treat each project individually, thus helping us create a bespoke feature that satisfies your needs.

If you have an idea or project you would like to discuss with Water Scenes please do not hesitate to contact us by email or phone.



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A simple water feature can be used to bring tranquillity and harmony to any outdoor area or landscape.

Waterwall steel feature with natural living wall

Water in the garden serves as a very good focal point in landscape design and provides the opportunity to create dramatic effects.

Water features can hugely improve an area’s overall look and feel.

Water Scenes boast a comprehensive range of services to help individuals and companies through the design process and beyond.

Natural & Formal Styles
Rills & Pools
Waterfalls & Water walls
Fountains & Jumping Jets
2 Year Warranty
Control & Automatation

The secret to a successful feature is to have as little maintenance as possible whilst retaining an optimum performance level. Maintenance is an important part of our design process and we pay great attention to making sure that your Water Scenes feature can be easily serviced and maintained.

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