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Experts in pond restoration
& re-design

We are specialists in pond restoration and garden pond re-design and have developed our own tried and tested pond design techniques.

Restoring or re-designing a pond or water feature back to its former glory can be a very wise investment for a home owner or designer looking to improve the quality of their landscape. Not all gardens require a total re-design, partial changes can make the world of difference to the overall look and feel without overly affecting the budget.

It is quiet common for a garden fish pond or water feature to fall into disrepair or become unusable. This could be for a whole list of reasons but the end question people always have to ask themselves is,

Should I keep the pond or fill it in?
To better help you answer this question we will briefly look at the two options available.

Option 1 Rejuvenate your existing feature.

Option 2 totally remove the feature and return the landscape to its previous form.

It is a common misconception that filling in a feature is far cheaper than redesigning or restoring. Although option 2 is the cheaper nine times out of ten for a pond that you may consider to be derelict. It may surprise you to know that it is not as cost effective as you might think. In our experience the cost of filling in a feature versus restoration usually works out to be around 30% less compared to restoration or re-design.

We believe that a 30% increase in cost that delivers a 100% improvement in your overall garden design far out ways a 30% saving that delivers little or no visual impact.



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How we work.

Pond Restoration. After your initial contact we can arrange to meet to discuss your project where we will evaluate the work needed to restore your feature to its former glory.

Garden pond & lake re-lining
Concrete ponds
Pond and water feature system re-fits
Total overhauls

Pond re-designs. It is sometimes necessary to totally re-design a feature for many different reasons. Water Scenes understand this can be a very cautious move on your part and requires skill and an expert knowledge on our part to remedy.

Waterfalls re-construction
System re-designs
Problem solving
Total re-fits

Our customers satisfaction is important to us, as well as having expert design and construction services with an extensive portfolio and references dating back over 15 years all work completed by Water Scenes is covered by a 2 year guarantee.

We are a reputable company with an excellent trading record.

Whether you have an antique concrete pond that is in need of attention, or your love of water/fish has out grown the size of your existing feature, and you would like to extend or add to it, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Your water feature can be turned from a tired old pond into a thriving aquatic environment. We are a dedicated aquatic landscape company with over a decade’s experience.

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