Natural Swimming Pools

  • Fabulous Aftercare
  • Tough Water Quality Criteria
  • A Real Natural Alternative To Chlorine
  • Nature In A Safe & Tranquil Environment
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The organic swimming experience!

Fast becoming a serious alternative to chemical pools these safe environmentally friendly pools offer an all year round feature and are currently taking the world by storm.

It was estimated that in 2006 more than a third of all swimming pools installed in Germany were natural swimming pools.

How it works.

Water is filtered through plant chambers which absorb all nasty bacteria and coliform to produce healthy clean water that is safe and conforms to EU standards. This is constantly circulated creating a mini ecosystem and a safe swimming environment. Imagine being free from harmful chemicals and at one with nature.Water scenes are committed to the environment.

We also create garden water features to accompany natural and formal designs. A bespoke water feature or waterfall can enhance any natural pool and provides an interesting focal point to the overall design.


Not only are our natural swimming pools environmentally friendly, they don’t use harmful chemicals and actually benefit the environment by promoting and encouraging natural flora and fauna to thrive.

We don’t stop there.

Our pools are built to compliment the natural surrounding area.

We use natural renewable materials sourced locally where possible.

Our equipment is low wattage and we also use solar power thus creating a cost effective and low power consuming pool.

The liners we use to create the pool itself are 100% recyclable.

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