How do laminar jet fountains work?

This year’s hottest water feature product has to be the laminar jet (jumping jet) and is set to storm the water feature and swimming pool scene.

What is a laminar jet?

A laminar jet is a type of fountain head designed to give a constant jet of water. Basically they work by straightening water molecules to give the jet a clear glass like appearance. If you were to do this without the use of laminar technology the jet would be rough and unshapely. Laminar jets were originally invented and developed in the US. For information on our Fountain Water Features and services

Laminar jet features
Laminar jets have a device fitted called a cutter, this is a fast moving blade that instantly diverts the flow of water which creates the jumping jet effect.
The next stage in the jet technology is the addition of fiber optics and LED lighting inside the laminar jet. Various neon colors can be used (16 million) and they only illuminate the laminar jet stream itself which can be pulsed to give a dancing effect. Laminar jets can be controlled using DMX technology on a computer or pre programmed DMX controller box. DMX technology is used in stage lighting and is a kind of a volume/dimmer and on/off switch that is controlled via a computer program.

The final part of laminar jet technology is the introduction of the DMX pumps. Previously these pumps were unavailable or too expensive for the general public in the UK. Laminar jet pumps are basically rheostat pumps controlled by the DMX technology which gives you the power to increase or decrease the volume of water flowing through the laminar jet.

Laminar jets are available for purchase in the UK and Water Scenes are ready to design water features and swimming pools that appear to dance and jump. These fountain jets are not appropriate for fish pond use as they can be prone to blockages. The future of laminar jet technology is definitely bright so if you’re looking for the latest in water feature technology with the wow factor contact Water Scenes (

Where can laminar jet technology go now?

Watch this space.

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By Neil Murkitt


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