Laguna pro fish net

The best pond and fish net by far.

Having been in the pond and water feature industry
for over ten years, I can finally say that I have
found a multi purpose pond net that will stand
the test of time.

Laguna Pro pond net might seem like any other
pond net but take a closer look and you will find
a couple of differences that set this pool net
leagues ahead of its competitors.

As I explained I am a professional water garden
Specialist Aquatic Landscaper
and have to use pond nets on a near daily
basis and put them under more stress and strain
than a normal pond net could expect. I find myself
having to replace them more often than I would like.
The main reason for this is that the netting simply
perishes from its metal frame and is then rendered

Laguna pro pond net has changed all of
this, they have cleverly added a plastic guard around
the net head to protect the netting from day to day scrapes.

Another major plus of this pond net is that it is
fish friendly and ideal for catching fish.
Having a good net to catch and move fish/koi
safely is a tough balance to find.

A net with large holes is fast in the water
but can catch and hook into fish fins. This is a
definite no when fish keeping. Pond nets
that have small holes are much friendlier to fish but
tend to drag in the water. No fun when
you are trying to catch fast moving fish.
Laguna pro pond nets special netting seems to zip
through water and the tough fabric is gentle enough
not to hook itself onto fish fins.

So to conclude the pro pond net
has an all round use that in my opinion makes this pool
net an instant classic.

My only negative comment would be that the screw
on net head seems to come loose and need to be tightened
fairly regularly. This is a minor issue compared
to its plus points.

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By Neil Murkitt

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