Herons and your pond.

HERONS, Caught in the act.

Further to the article Heron attacks in which we discuss pond protection techniques and products. This update is to show you how Herons operate as most people will not see a Heron visit their garden pond or water feature. In Fact most people would not even know that they have had a visit unless the Heron leaves his calling card in the shape of a punctured pond liner or a large fish left on lawn.


The above video shows how a Heron can fish from the edge of the pond, this pond owner is lucky to not have lost some fish unfortunately the pond owners of the next video are not so lucky.

I hope you agree that if you are going to keep fish you will need to protect the pond.

Question. Do fake Herons work?

Answer. No in the opinion of this pond owner.

The next video pokes fun at fake Herons but if you think about it the Heron is fooled into believing that the plastic Heron is a potential mate and decides to fish when he gets no response. So maybe they do work as long as it is not the Herons mating season.


So are plastic Herons useless ???????????

Judging by this clip the water cannon or water scarecrow does the trick.


If you disagree and have video proof please let us know.

By Neil Murkitt

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