Green ponds?

Green ponds and how we can make them greener.

As the title suggests this article is about green ponds but not the type of green pond you might be thinking of. This green pond has crystal clear water.



Let me elaborate, I’m talking about green ponds from an environmental point of view.

When I mention environmentally friendly ponds to my customers, solar power seems to always find its way into the conversation. Although it is true that solar power is an Eco friendly form of energy and yes a great idea. I however have found it to be slightly disappointing as far as its uses for ponds.

One of the best solar pumps I found was only capable of delivering a maximum of 1500Lph. OK for a small fish pond but to do this you would need a 12v pump, power storage unit and at least two solar panels oh yes and I almost forgot, sunshine! Given the cost which can be £500 upwards and the great British weather I am inclined to rule this out as an effective Eco friendly option.

The best option to improve our ponds carbon foot print is to use specially designed pond pumps that can deliver a high turn over whilst using the minimum amount of electricity. This can be as little as 15/20 watts, less than a light bulb so not bad.

These pumps do tend to cost more but if you take into account the fact that a 60watt pump costs around £2 a month to run and add up the total saving compared to the cost of a cheaper 250 watt pond pump costing £8.80 a month, times this by the amount of days a year you run your pond and you will see that the more expensive and lower wattage option will leave you quids in before your guarantee even runs out.

So if your fish pond needs a pump and you want the most economical and ecological option always check the power consumption in watts and not the price tags in £££’s.

Water features by water scenes use every opportunity to create great Pond designs that are natural looking, stunning and kind to the environment.

By Neil Murkitt

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