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Fountain Design & Technology

Water Scenes have designed unique fountains and features for more than a decade for private and commercial design and landscape projects across the UK.

Technological and water engineering advances in fountain tech have moved on in leaps and bounds over the past ten years paving the way for more dynamic fountain features than ever before. With new and exciting effects becoming ever available fountains are becoming a must have feature in many commercial, private and municipal fountain installations.

Dancing and musical water features and kinetic fountains are a firm Water Scenes favourite. See our laminar jets page to find out about our Dancing water fountains.

We use a wide range of nozzles in our fountain creations. If you would like to find out more about them and their uses please visit our Fountain Nozzles & Heads page.

For more information or to discuss your project please feel free to email us @

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Fountain Feature Types

Dancing water features
Dry deck fountains
Interactive water features
Water sculpture
Lake fountains
Fountain pools
Specialist nozzles including Jumping jets
Floating fountains
Water curtains

Water Scenes fabricate our own bespoke fountains and have used effects and techniques not commonly found in everyday landscaping or landscape design. Our developed techniques have become an integral part of the success of our feature design and build projects. We believe this to be one of the many things that set us apart from our competitors.

Initial contact can be made via e-mail or freephone 0800 0232 88 to discuss your design brief and project requirements. Once we have seen and discussed this we will either arrange to meet in person and discuss your ideas further or move on with the design to your brief via electronic comunications.

Site visits can enable us to take a brief survey of the proposed site and the surrounding area but are not always essential.

(WS) will then present you with a concept fountain design and specification to fit your budgetary requirements.



free phone 0800 0232 988 or email

Water Scenes, fountain design, fabrications & installations without compromise.

Water Scenes are a private and commercial fountain specialists company with the scope to deliver high performance fountains and features including specifications such as pump control and light programming to music, matrix design, timed feature automation, Auto top up, wind control, Automatic water treatment and advanced filtration systems for fountains, and pool lining and construction.

Our combined specialist skills in the areas of water features and fountains plus our company commitment to water safety and associated risks make us an ideal partner for your design and construction process.

We work with a wide range of budgets and have a proven value engineering record.

See our gallery of finished water feature projects.

Fountain Equipment and Design

Equipment choice for a bespoke fountain is essential to ongoing performance and satisfaction. It is important to select appropriate pumps, nozzles and fittings to facilitate a successful fountain feature. We have a wide range of equipment solutions and are not tied to one supplier. This freelance approach allows us to always select the best equipment for your fountain project and budget.

A typical fountain design is presented using Cad and 3d design and can include the following.

Individual fountain feature design
Project specification
Fountain concept design
Technical construction drawings
Filtration and equipment design
Schematic designs and cross sections
Lighting design
Risk Assessments
Health & Safety

Our individual tailored approach gives the flexibility to incorporate our fountain and water feature installations into the most testing and tight spaces.

(WS) can be on hand at any stage of the design and installation process and work on site or off plan.

Our core interest is to design dynamic fountain features pleasing to the eye but not ignoring future maintenance and servicing aspects and can include maintenance estimations and costs as part of the design process.

Don’t just take our word for it, see our customer comments.

Our priority is your enjoyment and ease of use.

For more information on our design process. see our main design page.

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