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About Water Feature Design

Water Scenes is a freelance aquatic landscape company, with over 15 year’s experience in water features, fish ponds and natural swimming pools.

Water Scenes was established in 2005 by Managing Director Neil Murkitt.

Like most people I have always been drawn to nature’s water and its mystical charm, I have spent many happy hours playing in and around water as a child. Some of my earliest memories are of me and my friend’s bare foot in a stream with our trousers rolled up.

We are a truly dedicated water feature and aquatic landscape design and installation business.

This life time interest has lead to a broad career designing and installing. We have worked with, studied and designed 100’s of different feature styles. Water Scenes have used a wide range of pool and feature building techniques over the years. They include features such as fish ponds and water gardens.

Our features range in style from formal fountain features to more natural styles like a lake or wildlife pond. All the years spent focusing entirely on the aquatic areas of landscape design and construction has taught me a thing or two and I hope this can be seen in our completed work portfolio pictures.

We pay close attention to detail and constantly keep up to date with the latest styles, best practices and new equipment available. We risk asses all new water features and hold a current and up to date health and safety policy.

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free phone 0800 0232 988

Water Feature Design HQ

The company design studio and office is based on the border of Dorset and Hampshire with works covering the south of England including London and the surrounding counties.

Water Scenes,
Golly Cottage @MacPennys Nursery
154 Burley Rd
BH23 8DB

Our work is fully insured, risk assessed and compliant with all health and safety standards.

Contact us if you would like to discuss you ideas.

We provide clear and easy to understand contracts and have a full complaints procedure which is governed by an independent body to which Water Scenes are answerable. All installations are backed up by a 2 year guarantee which includes the option to insure work completed by Water Scenes for as little as £10.

For fish welfare standards we follow the same strict criteria and standards set out by OATA (Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association) our staff receive up to date on-site training in the specialist field of aquatic landscaping.

We are a reliable and friendly company with a good track record of completing our projects on time and within budget.

Commercial or domestic, our team of professionals are committed to improving the joy of water gardening.

We design and construct water gardens as a place for fish and plants to thrive but more importantly to be enjoyed by you.

Call FREE ON: 0800 0232 988 or email us: